Yorick Brandworthy

Verbena druid and professional Yorkshireman


Tradition: Verbena
Essence: Questing
Nature: Rebel
Demeanour: Survivor

Strength 3 Charisma 2 Perception (hearing) 4
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina (tireless) 4 Appearance 2 Wits 2
Alertness 1 Do 0 Computer 1
Athletics 1 Drive 1 Cosmology 1
Awareness 1 Etiquette 1 Culture 0
Brawl 1 Firearms 1 Enigmas 1
Dodge 1 Leadership 1 Investigation 1
Expression 1 Meditation 2 Law 1
Instruction 0 Melee 1 Linguistics 0
Intuition 1 Research 1 Lore 1
Intimidation 1 Stealth 2 Medicine 1
Streetwise 1 Survival (hunting) 4 Occult 1
Subterfuge 0 Technology 2 Science 1
Backgrounds Spheres
Allies 1 Correspondence 0 Mind 0
Arcane 1 Entropy (runes) 1 Prime 0
Avatar 2 Forces 0 Spirit (herbs) 3
Destiny 1 Life (blood) 3 Time 0
Talisman 3 Matter 0
Arete 3 Willpower 5 Quintessence/Paradox 2/0

The Baneful Bow: a composite bow of horn and ash (difficulty 6, Strength 3, damage 3, rate 1/2); the bow is effectively invisible until strung; each arrow is a point of Tass and is baneful to supernaturals (affects shapeshifters as silver or gold, fae as cold iron, wraiths as soulsteel, vampires as fire with the potential to stake, humans as lethal wounds); there are 20 arrows


Rake-thin but muscular, unkempt and shaven-headed with a hard craggy face and a broad Yorkshire accent, Yorick wears wears combats, denims and tattered sweaters; he carries a hunting knife and leather satchel; smokes roll-ups.

Yorick’s father was a self-educated miner who named his son after Hamlet’s fool – a joke Yorick never understood. His family and community were divided and broken by the Miners Strike, his mother ran off with a trade union official and his father lost himself in drink and Yorick ran away from care homes and foster parents until he ended up living off the land in the North York Moors. He Awakened when he stumbled across a werewolf Moot and the Garou took him in as one marked by the spirits. They introduced him to his cabal, and group of Choristers and Verbena united by strong Socialist principles.

Tough as nails, self-sufficiency is Yorick’s religion and he has a contempt for weak city-slickers and anyone who can’t catch and kill their own food; he’s not unkind though, just gruff and blunt and inclined to scorn. He’s got pretty Marxist views and despise Capitalists, bankers and their lackeys. For him “Capitalists” tends to include Technomancers, Vampires and anyone from the South. He loves baiting the police, but he’s not interested in fighting old battles.

He’s a Free Man on the Land and doesn’t answer to society’s laws: don’t pay tax and don’t accept welfare and it’d be better if everyone felt that way. Respect werewolf friends’ religion, but don’t share their dogmas. He recognises (reluctantly) that there are good vampires out there; good rich-folk too, maybe even good Southerners.

Yorick Brandworthy

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