Uriens of Gorre

Redcap lord of Gorre, henpecked husband


Uriens is the husband of Queen Morgan La Fey and the rightful lord of Gorre, although most people recognise his ambitious wife as the real power in the land. Uriens has a formidable reputation as a warlord, but is an indifferent politician. He prefers carousing with his knights and battling in the Dreaming to plotting against Guinevere, so his wife effectively sidelines him. Many rumours suggest he has been cuckolded by his wife, but although no one dares say this to his face, Uriens seems unconcerned by Morgan’s infidelities. Or at least, that’s what he wants people to think.

In Last Troll Standing Uriens arrives to take part in the Tourney but is defeated in a duel with Cei Hir

Uriens of Gorre

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