Sir Hugsalot

Chimerical Monster, quite nice really

Strength 8 Charisma 2 Perception 1
Dexterity 2 Appearance 0 Intelligence 1
Stamina 7 Manipulation 1 Wits 1
Alertness 1 Etiquette 1 Enigmas 1
Athletics 2 Survival 1 Investigation 2
Brawl 5 (throw)
Intimidation 4 (roar)
Armour 4 Traverse Dreaming* Vulnerable Spot (eyes, no armour or soak)

*The creature can traverse the Dreaming freely in pursuit of Thora or any young girl mistaken for her

Smash with fists: difficulty 6, 9 dice damage
Sweep away enemies: difficulty 7, each success flings an enemy back 5’ per success and may stun if successes outnumber Stamina
Charge: difficulty 5, 10 dice damage, must have 15’ run


Imaginary childhood companion of Thora Drake. Sir Hugsalot was one of the entourage of chimerical toys, friends and protectors who watched over young Thora in the Tintagel House orphanage. The other companions were destroyed in the fire created by Mered Reith or killed by Reith and his banal chimeras. Hugsalot, inspired by Thora’s favourite teddy, somehow survived and haunted the ruins of Tintagel House. He was swollen to giant proportions and rage by his own grief and abandonment and Thora’s own repression of her Fae nature. Since their reconciliation, Hugsalot has shrunk to proportions that, while still massive, are no longer gargantuan.

Hugsalot was approached by Nimue who offered to reunite him with his Dreamer. Nimue seems to have used this hold over Hugsalot to direct him in kidnapping children. The pain and fear this casused only increased Hugsalot’s alienation, making him yet more bestial. Eventually Nimue sent Hugsalot into Cameliard to steal a child directly from Queen Guinevere. Hugsalot defeated many knights sent against him but was named and subdued by Thora when Sir Gawaine enchanted her. He subsequently saved Thora from Nimue by stomping her into the ground.

He currently lives in Tintagel House out in Listenoise but is capable of traversing the Dreaming to Thora’s side if summoned.

Sir Hugsalot

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