Prince Gallehault

High Prince of the Fae, Ruler of Surluse and the Isles Lointaines


Court: Unseelie Mystic
Seelie Legacy: Comrade
Unseelie Legacy: Neophile
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Sidhe
House: Dougal
Realm: Surluse

Strength 3 Charisma (friendly) 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 3 Manipulation (deals) 4 Intelligence 2
Stamina (solid) 4 Appearance (striking) 3+2 Wits 3
Alertness 3 Crafts 2 Computer 1
Athletics 1 Drive 2 Enigmas 1
Brawl 1 Etiquette 2 Gremayre 2
Dodge 2 Firearms 0 Investigation 1
Empathy 2 Leadership 3 Law 1
Intimidation 1 Melee 3 Linguistics 2
Kenning 2 Performance 0 Lore 3
Persuasion 2 Security 0 Medicine 0
Streetwise 1 Stealth 0 Politics 3
Subterfuge 2 Survival 0 Science 2
Backgrounds Arts Realms
Remembrance 3 Sovereign 3 Actor 3
Treasure 4+4 Pyretics 3 Fae 4
Retinue 3 Chronos 2 Nature 0
Title 4 Steampunk 2 Prop 4
Holding 4 Scene 2
Time* 3
Glamour 8 Willpower 7 Banality 6

Birthrights: Awe & Beauty, Noble Bearing, Banality’s Curse
Ravaging Threshold: Support Oppression (Charisma+Politics)
Dragon’s Aspect: Trove
Wassailing: Gentilesse
Base Bedlam: 13
*Bedlam Threshold:

Merits: Corporate Ties (3pts), Huge Size (4pt)
Flaws: Obsession (2pts), Dark Fate (5pts)
House Dougal Frailty: Heart is a clockwork timepiece that audibly ticks when he is excited (Lontano has a pacemaker in its place)

Treasures: Steampunk armour ●●●● (+6 soak, +2 diff to Dex rolls; treat as Sidhe plate with effect of doubling Physical Attributes for a number of rounds equal to successes on a Glamour roll, but any botched roll using a Physical Attribute while using it seizes up the cogs, completely paralysing the suit until a Nocker can repair it)
Tesla Sword●●●● (diff 6, damage 5, min str 3, electric shock stuns on contact or fired as 6 dice lightning bolt; malfunctions & shocks wielder if hit by water/ice)
Cybernetic Dweomers: spring assisted joints (-2 difficulty to Dex rolls), combat analysis visor (-2 difficulty to Initiative), 8 permanent Bedlam


Gallehault is widely acclaimed the greatest of the Sidhe lords to have returned from Arcadia. He is a man of massive stature, formidable in combat and a military leader who commands absolute devotion. As ruler of Surluse and the Faraway Islands, his realm is the most militarily powerful in New Camelot. Queen Guinevere has been unable to command his loyalty or receive from him recognition that she is Pendragon.

As Galeoto Lontane, he is a wealthy Italian businessman and City investor, renowned as much for his extravagant parties as his financial acumen. He makes no secret of his bisexuality, surrounding himself with an entourage of beautiful young things.

Prior to Dragonfall in the Shard, Sir Gawaine persuaded Gallehault that Lord Gallowglass was betraying him. He sent a group of knights with Gawaine to arrest Gallowglass: Sir Lucan, Sir Bleoberis, Sir Allymere and Sir Florence, however Sir Florence did not return.

During Welcome To The Machine, Gallehault is alerted to the rebellion brewing in the Forgotten Factories below Dreaming Surluse. When he arrives at the climax of Darkness Visible he is reunited with his old friend Lancelot and pledges to fight alongside his master the dragon-vampire Alexandyr

Prince Gallehault

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