Mered Reith

Icy Dauntain Arsonist


Meriadoc (Mered, never Merry) Reith was a fellow orphan at Tintagel House alongside Thora Drake. A young changeling on the cusp of Chrysalis, he was terrified and repelled by ’Penny’’s powerful and uncontrolled dreams and the chimeras they birthed. Embracing Banality instead, he burned down the orphanage. They other children died, but somehow Thora survived. Reith made no secret of his culpability and was arrested and sent for psychiatric assessment. He has never been released.

The party visited Reith at the North London Clinic where he was being treated and learned about his attempt to kill Thora. Reith seemed strangely animated by their visit, which he implied he had foreseen. He also boasted he could leave the hospital at the time of his choosing.

Mered Reith

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