Sir Lancelot

Sidhe of House Balor, insane


Court: Unseelie
Seelie Legacy: Fossil
Unseelie Legacy: Beast
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Sidhe
House: Balor
Realm: Listenoise

Strength (stabbing) 4 Charisma 3 Perception 2
Dexterity (parrying) 4 Manipulation 2 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 1+2 Wits (initiative) 4
Alertness 2 Crafts 1 Computer 0
Athletics 2 Drive 0 Enigmas 1
Brawl 2 Etiquette 1 Gremayre 1
Dodge 3 Firearms 1 Investigation 1
Empathy 0 Leadership 1 Law 0
Intimidation 2 Melee (spear) 5 Linguistics 1
Kenning 2 Performance 0 Lore 1
Persuasion 0 Security 1 Medicine 1
Streetwise 0 Stealth 2 Politics 0
Subterfuge 0 Survival 2 Science 0
Backgrounds Arts Realms
Remembrance 1 Torque 4 Actor 0
Chimera (armour) 3 Wayfare 2 Fae 4
Chimera (shield) 2 Nature 0
Treasure 3 Prop 2
Title 2 Scene 1
Time 0
Glamour 4 Willpower 4 Banality 3

Birthrights: Awe & Beauty, Noble Bearing, Banality’s Curse
Ravaging Threshold: Create Fear (Manipulation+Intimidation)
Dragon’s Aspect: Trove
Wassailing: Warspite
Base Bedlam: 7
Bedlam Threshold: 12

Merits: Shield Trained, Honour Code (1 pt), Daredevil (3 pts), Lucky (3 pts)
Flaws: Shy (1 pt), Confused (2 pts), Chimerical Magnet (5 pts), Diabolical Mentor (2 pts), Dark Fate (5 pts), Hunted (4 pts)

Treasures: Rhongomynyad

Chimerical armour: +4 soak, +1 difficulty to Dex rolls
Chimerical shield: +1 soak, +1 to attacker’s difficulty, -2 to dice pool
Cybernetic Dweomers: arm-fitted spear launcher (-2 difficulty to first attack/first initiative), 4 permanent Bedlam points


The boy known only as Assegai (Spear) was captured and inducted into the Lord’s Resistance Army at such a young age he remembers nothing of his family in Uganda. A superlative killer, he was leading his own mercenary troop by the age of 13, mostly high on drugs, mysticism and adrenalin. He was picked up by UN Peacekeepers in South Sudan when most of his troop were mysteriously slaughtered. Traumatised and unable to speak, he arrived in Britain as a 16 year-old refugee, with his shocking and bloodsoaked past hidden by a string of strange mishaps.

Attempts to foster the silent child failed and counsellors made no progress with him. The darkness within Assegai broke out once more at the Lakeside Psychiatric Hospital where he was being kept for examination. In a night of mayhem, most of the staff and prisoners there disappeared or died, except for Fergus Ironsides who was also an inmate, going through his own Chrysalis.

One of the victims of the Lakeside Nightmare(as the tabloids termed it) was a vicious orderly who was kinfolk to the local werewolf sept. The werewolves have been tracking the ‘Beast’ since then, little suspecting its true nature.

Another survivor of the Lakeside Nightmare is Dr Myra Thornfield who is trying to piece together what happened from a rationalist perspective.

In his Fae identity, Assegai is still the ‘Ill-Made Knight’, ugly and graceless by Sidhe standards and twisted by hate and self-loathing. He frequently fades into his human identity, but stress and violence bring out his Unseelie identity, a consummate warrior and killer.

After his flight from Lakeside, Assegai drifted through the Wasteland and faded in and out of his Fae identity. He was approached by Anguish Silvermayne who found him in a dissolute squat and started manipulating him through the Delusion Art. Lancelot became Anguish’s bodyguard and assassin, until the showdown with Gawaine and Fergus in a Knightsbridge restaurant was interrupted by a werewolf pack. Lancelot switched to his Seelie identity, fought the werewolves to a standstill and escaped.

Gawaine recruited him to be Thora Drake’s trainer but during Dragonfall in the Shard his Unseelie Legacy resurfaced and he fell into the Dreaming battling the elder vampire Alexandyr.

During Welcome To The Machine Lancelot is revealed to be Insurgent Prime and now the ally of Alexandyr in his plan to conquer Surluse.

In the course of Darkness Visible, Lancelot is reunited with his friend Prince Gallehault who knights him

Sir Lancelot

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