King Lot of Orkady

Bellicose Ogre Lord from South of the River


Court: Unseelie Regressive
Seelie Legacy: Regent
Unseelie Legacy: Ringleader
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Troll
Realm: Bedegraine

Strength (impressive) 4+2 Charisma (ranting) 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Stamina 3 Appearance 3 Wits 3
Alertness 1 Crafts 0 Computer 0
Athletics 3 Drive 2 Enigmas 0
Brawl 3 Etiquette 2 Gremayre 1
Dodge 2 Firearms 3 Investigation 1
Empathy 0 Leadership (gangsters) 4 Law 2
Intimidation (threat) 4 Melee (duel) 4 Linguistics 2
Kenning 2 Performance 0 Lore 3
Persuasion 2 Security 0 Medicine 2
Streetwise 2 Stealth 0 Politics 2
Subterfuge 1 Survival 0 Science 0
Backgrounds Arts Realms
Remembrance 1 Sovereign 2 Actor 2
Title (king) 4 Primal 2 Fae* 4
Treasure 2 Torque 4 Nature 0
Chimera (armour) 2 Prop 2
Holding 4 Scene 0
Retinue 3 Time 3
Glamour 6 Willpower 6 Banality 4

Birthrights: Titan’s Power, Stubbornness, Bond of Duty
Ravaging Threshold: Cause Fear (Manipulation+Intimidation)
Dragon’s Aspect: Ire
Wassailing: Runelore
Base Bedlam: 2
Bedlam Threshold: 17

Merits: Reputation (2pt), Black Market Ties (3pt), Underworld Ties (3pt)
Flaws: Arcadian Oath (4pt), Overconfident (1pt), Echoes (holy symbols, 3pt)

Treasures: Thunderbuss ‚óŹ (antique shotgun that flings targets backwards like the Hopscotch cantrip)


King of the ancient Troll Realm of Orkady and father of the four brothers Sir Gawaine, Sir Agravaine of Orkady, Sir Gareth of Orkady and Sir Gareth of Orkady. Lot was once married to Queen Morgause and favours his ogrish, Unseelie side.

Lot has always been a thorn in the side of any Pendragon and publically disavows Queen Guinevere of Cameliard‘s claim to be Pendragon. He cites the recent Frosty Floods as evidence that Guinevere is no mistress of the elements. Lot has called a Troll Thing, a parliament of trolls, and invited his Kith to acclaim someone to be King of Trolls in opposition (he hopes) to the Pendragon. In fact, it’s no secret he sees himself as Troll King in waiting.

Lot’s mortal identity is Lothian Dalziel, a former paratrooper turned South London crime lord. Dalziel deals in guns and stolen cars and fences stolen goods. He is well-known to a lot of dangerous mobsters in the area but takes care to distance himself from the actual commission of crimes.

Lot has now revealed he possesses a pair of strange treasures, two of the Cthonic Hallows: the Ettinthrone and the Jotunaxe.

King Lot of Orkady

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