King Carados of Escoce

Ogrish Lord of the Wasteland


Court: Unseelie
Seelie Legacy: Bumpkin
Unseelie Legacy: Beast
Seeming: Grump
Kith: Troll
Realm: Listenoise

Strength (crushing) 4+2 Charisma 3 Perception 3
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 2
Stamina (tireless) 5 Appearance 1 Wits 3
Alertness 2 Crafts 0 Computer 0
Athletics 2 Drive 2 Enigmas 1
Brawl 2 Etiquette 1 Gremayre 1
Dodge 1 Firearms 0 Investigation 1
Empathy 0 Leadership 2 Law 2
Intimidation 3 Melee (thrown) 4 Linguistics 1
Kenning 2 Performance 0 Lore 2
Persuasion 1 Security 1 Medicine 1
Streetwise 1 Stealth 1 Politics 2
Subterfuge 1 Survival 1 Science 0
Backgrounds Arts Realms
Remembrance 1 Sovereign 2 Actor 3
Title (king) 3 Legerdemain 2 Fae* 3
Treasure 3 Nightmare 2 Nature 0
Chimera (grenades) 3 Prop 2
Holding 2 Scene 2
Retinue 4 Time 0
Glamour 4 Willpower 4 Banality 5

Birthrights: Titan’s Power, Stubbornness, Bond of Duty
Ravaging Threshold: Support Oppression (Charisma+Politics)
Dragon’s Aspect: Flame
Wassailing: Runelore
Base Bedlam: 1
Bedlam Threshold: 17

Merits: Increased Pain Threshold (3pt), Werewolf Companion (3pt)
Flaws: Wyld Mind (2pt), Arcadian Oath (4pt)

Treasures: Crown of the Wasteland ●●● (convert Banality directly into Nightmare Dice in the Wasteland; +1 on social rolls with Wasteland inhabitants, +1 to Sovereign Bunks vs Wasteland inhabitants)

Chimera: The ‘Red Grenades’ are cans of McEwans Export that explode doing 6 dice of damage; on a direct hit this cannot be soaked; Carados starts each story with a number of these based on his successes on a Wits+Gremayre roll.


A fat, beer-swilling Scottish gangster with a ‘manor’ out in Croydon and an entourage of loyal criminal goons. Carados (or “Craddock” as he is known to mortals) is a local extortioner and loan shark who lives in gaudy bad taste in a tartan castle in the heart of the Wasteland. Besides his size, strength and bad attitude Carados’ biggest asset is McLeod, his Bone Gnawer werewolf ally.

A bully and a coarse brute, Carados nonetheless possesses a crude sense of humour and bonhomie and is not unlikeable. He has no trace of honour and will cheerfully lie and cheat to get what he wants.

In Last Troll Standing Carados and McLeod enter the Tourney. Carados brings along his grenades which, for some reason, the Dreaming allows. He dispatches Sir Agravaine of Orkady and Uriens of Gorre quite easily and concludes by duelling Sir Gawaine. He cheats in order to win, trying to kill Gawaine, but is chimerically killed by Hengist Jute instead.

King Carados of Escoce

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