Queen Guinevere Pendragon

Queen of Love and Beauty, Queen of Cameliard, Pendragon


Court: Seelie
Seelie Legacy: Regent
Unseelie Legacy: Pandora
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Sidhe
House: Fiona
Realm: Cameliard

Strength 2 Charisma (gestures) 4 Perception 3
Dexterity 2 Manipulation (emotions) 4 Intelligence 2
Stamina 2 Appearance (regal) 5+2 Wits (repartee) 4
Alertness 1 Crafts (seamstress) 4 Computer 0
Athletics 0 Drive 1 Enigmas 1
Brawl 0 Etiquette (courtly) 4 Gremayre (wassailing) 4
Dodge 0 Firearms 0 Investigation 0
Empathy (needs) 4 Leadership 3 Law 0
Intimidation 0 Melee 1 Linguistics 1
Kenning 1 Performance (acting) 5 Lore 2
Persuasion 3 Security 0 Medicine 0
Streetwise 0 Stealth 0 Politics 3
Subterfuge 2 Survival 0 Science 0
Backgrounds Arts Realms
Remembrance 3 Sovereign 3 Actor 3
Title 5 Chronos 3 Fae 4
Retinue 1 Nature 0
Allies 2 Prop 0
Scene 3
Time* 2
Glamour 5 Willpower 5 Banality 4

Birthrights: Awe & Beauty, Noble Bearing, Banality’s Curse
Musing Threshold: Create Love (Charisma+Empathy)
Dragon’s Aspect: Trove
Wassailing: Gentilesse, Dreamcraft
Base Bedlam: 5
Bedlam Threshold: 15

Merit: Higher Purpose (1pt), Theatre Ties (2pt)
Flaws: Dark Fate (5pt), Enemy (4pt)


Jennifer Devere is Britain’s number one lady of the stage who has the unusual honour of being a national treasure, a pin-up and a Bond Girl. She turned her back on modelling and movies before she was 20 to focus on the theatre and promoting the arts.

This transformation in her career coincided of course with her Chrysalis. Emerging as Guinevere, she set about creating the court of Cameliard around her, but stunned everyone by going further than this and declaring herself Pendragon, ruler of all the Fae.

Paul Honorius is her chamberlain, an Enchanted mortal who has served the Fae of Theatreland for nearly a century.

Her champion is Sir Lamorak of Gales but she also has the loyalty of Sir Gaheris of Orkady and his brother Sir Gareth

Guinevere conducts her court at theatres, bedecked with the dreams of recent audiences. Some of her important court business goes on during performances, thanks to use of the Chronos Art.

Guinevere is the embodiment of grace and charm, mistress of the striking gesture and the sudden, empathic ice-breaking appeal. She is an accomplished wassailer and gift-giver and her subjects find themselves moved by her in unexpected ways. To her supporters, she is the Queen of Love and Beauty, embodying a kindness and feminine strength not found in the Autumn World. To her critics she is False Guinevere and a veritable industry devotes itself to discerning the power plays and hidden agendas behind her seemingly spontaneous and unaffected actions.

Queen Guinevere Pendragon

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