Finlay Douglas



Finlay Douglas grew up an orphan, never realising he had a twin sister Josselyn. He also never realised he was marked out as an Afanc, the human host for a Dragon’s spirit. A sense of hollowness and restless energy drove him through a succession of strange jobs, manning lighthouses, repairing oil rigs and operating high-end cranes. Working on the Shard brought him into contact with his sister, a meeting orchestrated by Fergus Ironsides. However, it was not Josselyn who received the Dragon-soul, but Finlay; and it was not the soul of Temys the river dragon, but Tempeste the sky dragon.

Finlay has not been subsumed by Tempeste’s alien spirit, but continues to wrestle with it. The collision of memories, personalities and values is driving him mad. He has money saved to support himself and is seeking solace in drugs and wild living. It’s working – for now.

Finlay Douglas

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