Lost One, Lord of the Grail


Evelake’s powers are off the scale. Within the Dreaming he functions as a virtual god, albeit one that is barely aware of his surroundings. In the Autumn world, the slightest touch of Banality would destroy him.


An ancient Sidhe lord who became a Lost One after the Shattering.

Evelake was the ancient Grail King – a mighty being even by the standards of the Sidhe.

Evelake resides in the Vale of Health in Broceliande and interacts with the outside world through his Enchanted mystic Rabindranath Tagore.

Evelake merged his consciousness briefly with Fergus Ironsides who has acquired the Grail Wound as a result. Evelake also tended to Dinadan after he was chimerically killed on Hampstead Heath. He seems to have moved Dinadan backwards and forwards through his timeline, introducing him to Amitale, the Siege Perilous, the Wizard’s Tree and the Approaching Camelot.


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