Damon Drake

Tragic rocker, grail knight


Damon was a real life Peter Pan, a 90s rocker who never grew up. Somehow, in 1997 he was enchanted and swallowed by the big fish. He spent the years that followed inside the fish along with the Mad Hermit Pelleas. When Pelleas died he bequeathed Damon his grail, charging him with the duty and curse to protect it until it could be presented to its lord.

During Call Me Ishmael, Fergus Ironsides met Damon inside the fish and with the help of Dodinel the Savage and Bors of Ganis they both escaped.

Damon is now a chimerical being who cannot survive contact with Banality. He is also out-of-place in a world where 16 years have passed without him and Oasis have split up.

Damon Drake

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