Alexandyr Oblomov

Ventrue Elder, Dragon Afanc


Clan: Ventrue
Nature: Fanatic
Demeanour: Autocrat
Generation: 7th
Kith: Afanc
Seeming: Grump
Court: Unseelie

Strength 3 Charisma (lordly) 4 Perception (strategy) 4
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina (unyielding) 6 Appearance 2 Wits 3
Alertness 1 Crafts 2 Computer 0
Athletics 1 Drive 0 Enigmas (dragons) 4
Brawl 2 Etiquette 2 Gremayre 0
Dodge 1 Firearms 1 Investigation 0
Empathy 0 Leadership 6 Law 1
Intimidation 2 Melee 3 Linguistics 2
Kenning 0 Performance 1 Lore 1
Persuasion 2 Security 2 Medicine 1
Streetwise 0 Stealth 0 Politics 3
Subterfuge 1 Survival 1 Science 1
Backgrounds Disciplines Virtues
Herd 2 Dominate 5 Conscience 1
Contacts 2 Presence 3 Self-Control 3
Retainer 1 Fortitude 4 Courage 3
Potence 2
Backgrounds Arts Realms
Remembrance 2 Soothsay 2 Actor 3
Chimera 2+3 Dragonfire 4 Fae* 3
Dragonheart 2 Pyretics 3 Nature 0
Prop 2
Scene 0
Time 0
Humanity 4 Willpower 7 Blood Pool 20
Glamour 4 Banality 5

Birthrights: Flight, Reptilian Mien, Alien Mind, Nightmarish
Ravaging Threshold: Create Dependence (Charisma+Subterfuge)
Dragon’s Aspect: Flame
Wassailing: None
Base Bedlam: 11
Bedlam Threshold: 15

Chimerical two-handed sword Pyet Krov (‘Blood Drinker’): Diff 6 Dam 6 Str 4
Chimerical armour: +3 soak, +1 to Dex difficulties
Cybernetic Dweomer: enhancements to armour: -2 difficulty to Str and Dex rolls (8 permanent Bedlam)


Alexandyr was a Ventrue noble of Imperial Rus, a Boyar. He opposed the reforms of Peter the Great and the Westernisation of his people in the 17th century, forming pacts with ancient forest spirits and demons to keep the Motherland pure and undefiled. These pacts were to be paid off centuries later, but the then-youthful Alexandyr gave little thought to that at the time,

Instead, in the 21st century, Alexandyr’s body in torpor was seized by the Cult of Baba Yaga and his blood used to power strange sorceries. His cadaver was smuggled to London by the cult but rescued by the Torchlight Detective Agency and passed over to his loyal ghoul retainer, Iskander Gul. Alexandyr conceded a boon to his rescuer, the werewolf Sherwood Shaftsbury.

Alexandyr set about re-establishing his hold over his childer in London: the Russian Boris Savinkov whose new Haven was in the Shard, Roshana Jan who controlled the nightspots in Shoreditch and the spy Sidney Reilly.

Reilly appealed to Alexandyr to intervene directly when he suspected Savinkov had been enchanted or replaced with a doppelganger and the elder’s intervention led to Dragonfall in the Shard, in which Alexandyr offered his body to the dragon Temys then fell into the Dreaming while battling Lancelot

In Welcome To The Machine Alexandyr is revealed to be the Designation Enemy, the dark force plotting to conquer Surluse; Lancelot is now his ally.

In Darkness Visible Alexandyr is brought to bay by loyalist cog-regiments led by Thora Drake. However, when Prince Gallehault changes sides after the intervention of his old friend Lancelot, the dragon-vampire seems to have triumphed.

Alexandyr Oblomov

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