Abigail Artois

Former Queen of the Bears


Abigail was a spoiled little girl who ruined a birthday party at London Zoo. During the story Interlude – The Secret Life of Cats and Bears Dodinel the Savage offered her to the bears as a sacrifice, but wassailed her teddy bear into Fuzzball, a sentient bear who could guide and protect her in the Land of the Bears.

Abigail spent 15 years in Bear Mountain and became Queen of the Bears through ruthlessness and charm. The jealous bears plotted against Fuzzball and kidnapped him, but during the story The Ruin of Camelot, Dinadan and Dodinel reuinited them, Abigail had a change of heart and agreed to come home.

She visited Ruined Camelot with the Mythic-Gawaine and passed through the Well of Avalon with Dodinel and Dinadan.

Back in the Autumn World, Abigail has found that only a few months have passed while she has aged 15 years. Her family are grieving for a lost little girl, while she has no skills, qualifications or even ID to make her way as an adult. The Mists are stealing her memories of being a Bear Queen.

Abigail Artois

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