Tales of New Camelot

Epilogues and Intervals

What everyone does between seasons

CONTEXT/RATIONALE: After the dramatic climax to Season One we need to do some tidying up, particularly for some characters. As Storyteller, I also want to tie up some loose threads.

Fergus Ironsides is captured by Sir Lancelot and taken aboveground, to Waking Surluse where he is bound in chains of cold iron by Lancelot. Prince Gallehault wants to condemn him as a spy and insurgent, but Alexandyr Oblomov intervenes. The vampyre-afanc has lost his merlin (Malegea, who was rescued by Bors of Ganis) and believes the prisoner’s gift as a Soothsayer can be useful to him. Gallehault regards the vampyre with distaste, but out of respect to Lancelot he agrees.

Fergus is taken to the vampyre’s underground lair, where the conditioning process begins. Within a week Fergus is subdued to Alexandyr’s will, not an automaton but a servant. He uses Soothsay to help the Elder identify and subdue his rivals, as he goes about stealing control of Clan Ventrue. Meanwhile, Alexandyr has learned much from his prisoner, especially the existence of Evelake.

Meanwhile, the regular Conditioning and the numbing company of vampires starts to create an oppressive Banality in Fergus’ Fae soul. He no longer has the will to escape and so is unchained.

On a somewhat more positive note, Fergus is able to reflect on his Augury of Lancelot:

  1. BETH (The Birch) – Lancelot’s Dán is in flux, torn between Light and Darkness, but these are the seeds that will grow:
  2. PION (The Pine) – Lancelot’s corruption will corrupt others: Fergus sees a vision of Guinevere as a Queen of Darkness; at the same time, he is a hero fated to drive back the Darkness: Fergus sees a vision of Alexandyr slain by Lancelot
  3. DUIR (The Oak) – Lancelot’s nemesis is his son Galahad: Fergus cannot see this being; Lancelot’s can be defeated by love, not war: Fergus sees Lancelot in a park kissing a young woman whose face is turned away

COMMENTARY: This leaves poor Fergus in a very interesting place for a rescue attempt, but his Soothsay abilities will be a real asset for the bad guys until then. Alexandyr is an anomaly and doesn’t understand how his vampiric condition generates Banality until his own Banality starts to rise. At that point, the idea of diablerising Evelake will become a priority. The Augury for Lancelot also inspires me to develop the concept of Dán a bit more and maybe incorporate the Ogham Trees into the game



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