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A complete redux of Changeling: the Dreaming for a British setting

Gawaine of Orkady Dodinel the Savage Fergus Ironsides Dinadan/Bors of Ganis Swami
Nick Wilson Alec Turner Alex Fisher Ray Horton Luke Wyatt
Chivalrous troll prince juggling modern and ancient loyalties
Street-level chimerical ranger helping the helpless
Squat-dwelling urban mystic on the run
London socialite and party animal with a conscience / “The People’s Troll”
Hip-hop and dubscene DJ and dance producer looking for talent
Plot Arcs Latest updates
Politics of Pendragonship
Sir Gawaine has been acclaimed Troll King
All Hallows Evil
Gawaine owns two solar hallows, Dinadan and Dodinel own a grail hallow each as does Damon, Lot has revealed the first two cthonic hallows
Lost Boys & Girls
Fergus has been captured, Finlay is grappling with being a dragon, Abigail is lost in a world that’s forgotten her, Amitale has been through her Chrysalis, Damon has been rescued from the big fish
Big Bads
Prince Gallehault has sided with Lancelot and Alexandyr in controlling Surluse, Nimue is squashed, Rev Ezekiel Coldfinger is lost presumed dead, Mered Reith has broken out of his asylum, Benjamin Legba let something nasty out of the crypt
Morgan’s Plotting
Queen Morgan La Fey seems to be behind Morgause’s use of the shadow beast against Thora
Camelot Rising
True Romance
Dodinel and Korrigan are lovers, Bors is reunited with Malegea
Where’s Merlin?
No merlin contender successfully named Sir Hugsalot, Bors and Malegea discover the body of Merlin Ambrosius in the Ruin of Camelot
New Rules & Settings
The Seasonal Hallows for charting the mystical development of Fae characters
Settings in the Near Dreaming, especially the dream realms of London
Urban Founts for reaping Glamour in the city
New Arts like Steampunk, Nightmare and Meteora as well as Chronos revised and revisions to Scene and Time
Dweomers, which are mystical or mechanical alterations to a changeling’s dream self

Tales of New Camelot grew out of the earlier Torchlight chronicle about a supernatural detective agency in London’s Soho district. Torchlight produced some pretty memorable characters but it lacked a guiding theme and it was sometimes hard to get a group of disparate World Of Darkness characters to gel. So, we started running breakaway scenarios, just-for-Wraiths and just-for-Vampires, that worked pretty well. Then we tried just-for-Changelings and, for me at least, the blue touchpaper was lit.

Changeling: The Dreaming has always been the game-that-got-away. You can check out my rant (sorry, review) on Amazon’s product page if you want my detailed feelings about the game. But finally some key ingredients fell into place.

London: a seriously cool city where both Glamour and Banality co-exist, and
Arthurian Legends: a set of symbols and relationships that give a game like Changeling a direction and a purpose
London colourExcalibur
I decided this time I was going to more-or-less leave the Kith alone. They’re broken and retarded, but with an Arthurian setting it matters more that these guys are Gawaine and Agravaine and the Orkady Brothers, not that they’re trolls. The Sidhe Houses fit in well enough (clearly, Guinevere is House Fiona) and allow me to play against type (Lancelot being House Balor) but the personal conflicts between Guinevere, Agravaine, Morgause and Lamorak end up counting for more than the heraldic intrigues.

Instead, the mechanics have received a bit of an overhaul, boosting up the range of what Changelings can do, making them feel a bit more like epic heroes and earthbound gods, a bit less like irritating clowns with minor superpowers. Check out the reinterpretation of Invoking the Dragon, the concept of the Seasonal Hallows and the new power of Wassailing for what I mean. I’ve also bolstered Changelings with some new Arts that have dramatic potential.

So, take a look at our wiki.

Tales of New Camelot

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